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President: Tony Rix - 2022/2024


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At this time we are emerging from one of the darkest periods in our recent history. A lockdown, as a result of the Covid pandemic, took away our freedom of movement and placed us under considerable constraint.

However, that now appears to be in the past and it is time to look forward into the light and re-acquaint ourselves with the objects of Rotary and our motto “Service above Self”.

First, we now have the opportunity to develop acquaintance with our fellow men and women, not only in Rotary circles but throughout the world.

Second, we can develop high ethical standards in our businesses and professions so as to serve our communities and societies in the best possible way.

Third, we can use our work and personal experiences to further the ideal of service and in this way to give something back to our communities, especially to those in need.

Fourth, we can advance international understanding and promote goodwill and peace throughout the world.

This is a time of growing hardship, due to high inflation and the ever-rising cost of food, fuel and just about everything we need for a healthy life. Wages do not seem to be keeping pace with inflation and the services we are used to seem to be reducing daily.

Now is the time for Rotarians the world over to help those less fortunate than ourselves. With this in mind, I have chosen Help for the Homeless as my charity for this year. This is a growing problem for many reasons but the shortage of suitable housing is a major factor. During this year we can help by contributing to the charities that help the poor and needy.

Hard work never hurt anyone, so enjoy your Rotary in the knowledge that you will be making a very worthwhile contribution to people’s lives.

President Tony Rix








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