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Make a Donation to Whitstable Rotary in general or for an event



Santa on Zoom

Please click on the URL below to make your payment/donation for "Santa on Zoom".  We are charging only £5 for up to a family of three children, but if you would like to pay more - we shall be very grateful! Please ensure you also click on the box by "Share your name and email address with this charity so they can acknowledge your donation."  In fact PayPal often take several weeks to confirm payment to us so it would probably be useful for you to email us the confirmation email that they send immediately to you, to confirm to us your payment has been made. If there is anything on their email you do not want us to see please delete that section - all emails will be destroyed immediately after we transfer the confirmation name (only)  to our Control Spreadsheet. 

If you do not have a PayPal account it is very easy to join them, costs nothing and is quick  & easy



 General Donation

We have and will continue to support many charities -  both local, national and international. If you have a specific charity in mind please specify this with your donation, otherwise the donation will be added to our Charity Fund and will be distributed according to demands.

The BIG advantage in using Paypal vs. other sites like Just Giving for example,  is that Paypal takes NO COMMISSION i.e. what you pay, we receive!

Before any money is given by us to non-charities, the person(s) is investigated fully (by us) to ensure they actually need help and money is usually never given to deserving individuals unless we have evidence that they have worked hard themselves to raise money, except in very exceptional circumstances where this may not be possible - even then we expect friends or relations to have initiated something. 


So go to your Browser and type “ www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3254358 ”  initially and the process continues asking you to login to your PayPal account and then the rest is obvious.

Please add your name an telephone or email otherwise we shall not be able to thank you.

Please ensure you keep a copy of the PayPal confirmation email to you! - and please contact us if you do not hear from us in a few days after your payment.





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